Daily Media Digest February 27, 2024

Genetic testing and treatment prevent coronary heart disease early in life
Alberta Health Services
“What he did not expect is to be diagnosed with Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH), a genetic disorder that increases the likelihood of having coronary heart disease or a heart attack at a young age …”
KEYWORDS: heart disease, patient perspective, Alberta Health Services

May I have a quick word? Study shows talking faster is linked to better brain health as we age
“This suggests that talking speed should be tested as part of standard cognitive assessments to help clinicians detect cognitive decline faster and help older adults support their brain health as they age …”
KEYWORDS: aging, Canada Research Chair, neuroscience, Baycrest, University of Toronto

Arthritis Society Canada and Creative Destruction Lab partner to accelerate arthritis innovations
Arthritis Society Canada
“This partnership opens vast new opportunities for innovators in the arthritis space to accelerate and scale their companies, and ultimately, bring impactful solutions to the six million people …”
KEYWORDS: arthritis, health innovation, Arthritis Society Canada, University of Toronto

Training next-gen cancer researchers – Advancing precision therapies for tumours
Canadian Cancer Society
“I became really intrigued by the concept of drug resistance and learning about why and how it happens. And at the same time, I was equally interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how cancer …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, early career researcher, Canadian Cancer Society, McGill University

New approach to robotic mastectomy can preserve full breast and nipple sensation
Breast Cancer Canada
“… but most approaches still result in full sensation loss in the nipple and breast due to nerve damage from stretching and cutting the breast tissue. Until now, that is.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, medtech, Breast Cancer Canada