Daily Media Digest February 3, 2020

McMaster researchers say ability to fight flu depends on your childhood virus strain

“Researchers at two Canadian universities say the first type of influenza virus people are exposed to in early childhood dictates their …”
TAGS: influenza, viral infection, childhood exposure

Cannabis compound kills antibiotic-resistant superbug

“A team of McMaster University scientists examining the effectiveness of Cannabis sativa cannabinoids found that one of them, cannabigerol, …”
TAGS: cannabis research, superbugs, antibiotic

Carberry Company Providing Supplement For Chronic Kidney Disease Study

“Dr. Dylan MacKay, assistant professor of community health sciences at the University of Manitoba and clinical trialist at the George and Fay Yee …”
TAGS: kidney disease, chronic illness, microbiome

‘A more dementia-friendly society:’ Fighting Alzheimer’s stigma and misconceptions

Every case is different, Meyers stresses, but the stigma of dementia is still strong today – and even though Alzheimer’s Awareness Month wrapped up …
TAGS: dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, stigma

Live or Let Die
“A team of researchers led by Drs. Suneil Kalia and Lorraine Kalia, Scientists at Krembil Research Institute, has found that a protein known as BAG5 is instrumental in determining whether a cell with damaged mitochondria will live or die.”
TAGS: mitochondria, cell death, cell protein

Laughter is the best medicine for IWK’s newest therapeutic clown
“The clown is equipped with a beeper and is often paged to visit patients. Early in the day, she meets with staff to determine who may need a visit from her that day.”
TAGS: children and youth health, mental health

Women face higher rates of pain, depression after strokes than men, study finds
The Globe and Mail
“Not only are more women admitted to nursing homes after experiencing a stroke than men, they also require more care, according to a new study that shows female stroke survivors have disproportionately high rates of pain and depression.”
TAGS: stroke, women’s health, mental health, prognosis

Understanding breast cancer treatment through AI
“Dr. Levine had an idea that EHR was a treasure trove of patient information and that digital technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) could be used to tap into the EHR to yield information on the clinical course of a patient’s illness, including diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.”
TAGS: breast cancer, artificial intelligence, digital medical technology