Daily Media Digest February 6, 2024

Getting it right under the high-tech microscope
Seneca Polytechnic
“Cryo-electron microscopy, a technology that won the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2017, enables scientists to make detailed images of subjects such as proteins, viruses and DNA …”
KEYWORDS: Canadian research, medtech, Seneca Polytechnic

When we treat a community, who gets left behind?
“High levels of participation in the mass drug administration are critical to its success. Despite this, there remain groups of people who are left behind in these programs, meaning that …”
KEYWORDS: preventative health care, Bruyère Research Institute, University of Ottawa

TFRI supports the next generation of cancer researchers in Canada
Terry Fox Research Institute (TFRI)
“We believe that this investment in early research excellence is vital to shaping the future cancer research landscape, and we hope that in doing so we can accelerate the innovative research required to achieve Terry’s dream of a world without cancer.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, funding, Canadian Cancer Society, Terry Fox Research Institute

Improving care for breast cancer patients in Black communities
University Health Network
“Breast cancer research has been done in predominately white populations and Black women have been historically underrepresented …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, women’s health, University Health Network

TMU signs three partnership agreements that will advance health-care education
Toronto Metropolitan University
“From Peel Region to Northern Ontario, the university is increasing access to culturally informed approaches to learning …”
KEYWORDS: education, health care, health equity, Toronto Metropolitan University

Province invests $4 million in new Kingston health home for primary care
Queen’s University
“The Ontario government is investing $110 million to connect up to 328,000 people to primary care teams, bringing the province one step closer to connecting everyone in Ontario to primary care …”
KEYWORDS: funding, health care, Queen’s University