Daily Media Digest January 12, 2023

Why “sober living” may not be the best New Year’s resolution for you
The Royal
“It lowers the risk of a number of health issues, decreases feelings of stress and anxiety, and supports a better night’s sleep.”
TAGS: mental health, substance use and addiction, The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre

Breastfeeding babies can offset the risk of asthma from antibiotics
BC Children’s Hospital
“New first-of-its-kind research by BC Children’s Hospital investigators shows that breastfeeding can protect newborns from the asthma risk due to antibiotic exposure.”
TAGS: asthma, pediatric emergency care, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute, Provincial Health Services Authority

Ask an expert: What can I do to improve health care sustainability?
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“The health care system is responsible for significant carbon emissions — research shows that reducing them is better for the planet and patient care.”
TAGS: climate change, sustainability, Canadian healthcare system, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Professor helps combat Niagara opioid crisis
McMaster University
“… McMaster’s Department of Family Medicine and the federal government to ensure a supply of safer drugs for people at risk of overdosing on opioids.”
TAGS: opioids, substance use and addiction, Health Canada, McMaster University

Committee endorses funding for VIDO development in Saskatoon
The Star Phoenix
“Research scientists work in one of VIDO’s Containment Level 3 … at the Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization on the University of …”
TAGS: infectious disease, pandemic research, Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO)