Daily Media Digest January 17, 2023

Patients attending virtual walk-in clinics are twice as likely to visit the Emergency Department
University Health Network
“Though the intention was to fill a gap in primary care needs, there is some concern over the quality of care provided through virtual walk-in clinics and a lack of data on how patients use this form of health care.”
TAGS: virtual care, emergency care, Women’s College Hospital Institute, University Health Network

Children’s blood vessel clinic at MCH provides life-changing birthmark treatments
Hamilton Health Sciences
“One in 10 children has a vascular anomaly, says Dr. John Donnellan, head of pediatric imaging and pediatric interventional radiology at Hamilton Health Sciences’ McMaster Children’s Hospital (MCH), and site chief.”
TAGS: birthmark, pediatric care, patient perspective, Hamilton Health Sciences

Canada’s Ontario province to expand use of private providers for public health services
“Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, plans to significantly expand its use of private providers to perform public health services, the premier said on Monday …”
TAGS: Canadian healthcare, Premier Doug Ford, Canada Health Act

High levels of stigma experienced by COVID-19 long-haulers, Alberta research shows
Global News
“Patients with higher stigma scores also had higher likelihood of more severe symptoms, anxiety, depression, reduced self-esteem and thoughts of self-harm, and were more likely to be unemployed due to disability.”
TAGS: long COVID, mental health, disability, University of Alberta

Five steps for tackling Canada’s long-term care crisis | Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences | Queen’s University
“The sector is currently being held together by a very vulnerable workforce and it is situated to fail without immediate intervention.”
TAGS: long-term care, COVID-19, Queen’s University

This is Health in 3D: Waterloo’s Faculty of Health showcases research expertise
Waterloo News
“… showcasing expertise and innovation across the Faculty. They explore how health and quality of life are enhanced along three dimensions – physical, mental and social – and advanced by three academic units …”
TAGS: health technology, aging, mental health, University of Waterloo