Daily Media Digest January 17, 2024

Arthritis Society Canada Announces Funding for Stars Career Development Awards and Strategic Operating Grants
Arthritis Society Canada
“This year’s group of 10 recipients from across the nation are leading cutting-edge research, including the use of AI to design tailored blood tests, studying genetic pre-determinants …”
KEYWORDS: arthritis, funding, Arthritis Society Canada, Lady Davis Institute, University of Calgary

Fighting Asthma and Lung Disease
Carleton University
“To better understand asthma and other lung diseases and work toward more effective remedies, Carleton University Systems and Computer Engineering researcher Leila Mostaço-Guidolin is combining a pair of cutting-edge technologies.”
KEYWORDS: respiratory health, medtech, Carleton University

Wastewater monitoring: research aims to enhance TB prevention and detection in Nunavut
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“The new research study aims to develop and optimize TB wastewater monitoring in the City of Iqaluit (above) to determine if earlier detection of TB bacteria in wastewater can allow for earlier public health interventions to …”
KEYWORDS: Indigenous health, Canadian research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Shared panel discussion to address trauma-informed teaching online
UM Today – University of Manitoba
“Trauma-informed teaching is especially important in online learning. When we have a trauma response, our brain goes into survival mode, and this makes things like concentration, memory, and …”
KEYWORDS: education, mental health, University of Manitoba

Jump-start your new year with cold-weather running, say researchers
University of Windsor
“Cold weather doesn’t have to mean an end to outside exercise. Kinesiology professor Kevin Milne and PhD student Kurt Downes offer …”
KEYWORDS: injury prevention, seasonal affective disorder, University of Windsor