Daily Media Digest January 20, 2020

Ontario research shows risks associated with cannabis exposure during pregnancy

CP24 Toronto’s Breaking News
“[…] medical marijuana plants being grown before flowering […] Research from three Ontario universities sheds new light on the risks … Hardy of Western University in London, Ont., one of the study’s co-authors. Health Canada has long warned against cannabis use during pregnancy, […]”
TAGS: cannabis, women’s health, developmental health

HEAL helps parents during sick season
Stony Plain Reporter
“Whether it’s a nasty ear infection or a classroom born flu HEAL has parents covered. Alberta Health Services is reminding parents of the Health and […]”
TAGS: flu season, community health

Whiplash? There’s a new ebook for that
Brighter World
“The publication, Whiplash Injury and Chronic Pain: The Anatomy and Current Interdisciplinary Approaches to Management, offers a far-reaching understanding of how to effectively manage a patient’s care following a potential injury.”
TAGS: whiplash, traumatic brain injury, patient care

Fitness class for people with early-onset dementia a place for body and mind

“It may look like an ordinary fitness class, but there’s something unique about this weekly gathering at Carleton University’s athletics centre — every […]”
TAGS: dementia, alzheimer’s disease, aging population, physical fitness

New UBC Okanagan research could help people with diabetes

“New research from UBC’s Okanagan campus could change the daily struggle of controlling blood sugar levels for people with diabetes and […]”
TAGS: diabetes, innovative treatment, chronic illness

The overlooked relationship between clinical depression and other medical illnesses

“[…] at the Department of Psychiatry, and Dr. Paul Kurdyak, the director of Health Systems Research at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.”
TAGS: mental health, comorbid disorders, wellness

Drugs from nature: Researchers from U of T, Japan mine microbial compound library for new …
“Boone (left), a professor of molecular genetics at the Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research, is best known for research that has […]”
TAGS: microbial research, synthetic molecules, natural compounds

Researcher says only 25% of Canadian drinkers know alcohol causes cancer. A B.C. campaign wants to change that
“According to Adam Sherk, researcher with the Canadian Institute for Substance Use Research at the University of Victoria, only about 25 per cent of Canadian drinkers know that alcohol causes cancer.”
TAGS: alcohol, cancer, risk factors