Daily Media Digest January 20, 2021

People with IBD Need Extra Support During the Pandemic
Health Insight
“Managing IBD can be a long struggle, with many people spending years trying to find stability to control their debilitating symptoms through a variety of treatments. Losing stability can mean an IBD flare-up, the onset of crippling symptoms, hospitalization, complications, and more.”
TAGS: IBD, chronic illness, pandemic, vulnerable populations, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada

Drinking to cope: A penetrating look at alcohol problems during the pandemic
HRI Portal
“Two psychology profs investigate coping mechanisms during the pandemic, and discover that people are consuming more alcohol, particularly if they’ve lost income; they’re drinking alone and feeling isolated; and those with children are using alcohol to cope with stress. Knowing this could help healthcare practitioners create better, more tailored and evidence-based interventions.”
TAGS: pandemic, substance abuse, mental health, public health, York University

COVID-19 testing in schools could get students back in classrooms
York University
“Testing can significantly control outbreaks of COVID-19 in Ontario schools, especially when combined with other measures, such as mask wearing, say York University researchers who led a new study.”
TAGS: COVID-19, testing, public health, personal protective equipment, York University

Saliva-based COVID-19 tests as accurate as those using nose, throat samples
“”The test uses patient-provided saliva, rather than a nasopharyngeal swab, or a ‘stick in the nose,’ with almost identical accuracy,” said Butler-Laporte, an epidemiologist at McGill University in Montreal.”
TAGS: COVID-19, testing, saliva sample, infectious disease, public health

COVID-19 is a call to service: Kingston is responding
Queen’s University
“As Toronto area hospitals become increasingly overwhelmed, more and more patients are being transferred outside the GTA. Recently, Kingston has been asked to take out-of-town patients both at Kingston Health Sciences Centre and Providence Care.”
TAGS: COVID-19, healthcare demands, Queen’s University, Kingston General Hospital

Canadian researchers develop faster, more accurate COVID-19 antibody test
CTV News
“A team of researchers at Western University in London, Ont. have developed a new COVID-19 antibody test they say is quicker, more accurate, and cheaper than any approved so far in Canada.”
TAGS: COVID-19, antibody test, innovative research, public health, Western University

Let’s Talk T1D Connection Series
“JDRF is hosting our national monthly Connection Series meet-up for Adults and Parents in the T1D community! This virtual meetup for both adults living with T1D and parents living with or affected by T1D was created to form new connections, and engage in conversations across provincial lines.”