Daily Media Digest January 23, 2023

Government of Canada announces new clinical trials consortium, training platforms, and research projects to improve the health of Canadians
“…Minister of Health, announced a new investment to support one clinical trials consortium, seven training platforms, and 22 research projects. This is Canada’s largest-ever investment in clinical trials.”
TAGS: Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University, University Health Network, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Calgary

Redefining compatibility in organ transplantation
“Dr. Lori West, a GlycoNet researcher and pediatric transplant cardiologist at the University of Alberta, is one of the people working to change that statistic by improving organ donation rates and transplant patient care.”
TAGS: glycomics, organ transplantation, GlycoNet, University of Alberta

Made-in-Canada approach enhancing access to groundbreaking CAR-T cancer therapy
The Toronto Star
“The Ottawa Hospital awarded $4 million grant to expand Canadian-Led Immunotherapies in Cancer (CLIC) program …”
TAGS: cancer immunotherapy, clinical trials, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Climbing for a cure – ALS Canada
ALS Canada
“Within the course of a few months of his diagnosis he had lost the ability to move independently without aides and then a few months later he had vocal changes and ultimately lost his ability to speak …”
TAGS: ALS diagnosis, patient experience, Canadian research, ALS Canada

Get kids back to school sooner after concussion for a better recovery, new study says
The Toronto Star
“A new Canadian study says that kids who have suffered a concussion … of the study and a concussion expert at the CHEO Research Institute in …”
TAGS: concussion, pediatric health, innovative research, CHEO Research Institute

Government of Canada Supports Project to Prevent and Address Abuse in the Atlantic Region
“UNB has been supporting collaborative, action-oriented research on family violence, like the AIM project, through the Muriel McQueen Fergusson Centre for Family Violence Research for 30 years.”
TAGS: mental health and addiction, University of New Brunswick, Public Health Agency of Canada