Daily Media Digest January 24, 2023

Government of Canada announces the recipients of support from INOVAIT’s Focus Fund
“At Sunnybrook, we’ve seen how strong collaboration and partnership can advance image-guided therapy technologies from discovery to the medical marketplace.”
TAGS: image-guided therapy, medtech, INOVAIT Focus Fund, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Finding a new way to train the brain: Orienteering
McMaster University
“The sport of orienteering, which draws on athleticism, navigational skills and memory, could be useful as an intervention or preventive measure to fight cognitive decline related to dementia, according to new research from McMaster University.”
TAGS: Alzheimer’s disease, brain health, disability, McMaster University

Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for prevention and treatment of heart disease will upend care, prevent disability, save lives
HRI Portal
“Canadian Cardiovascular Society urges medical community to adopt new recommendations for treatment of heart failure, cardiorenal disease, dyslipidemia and atrial fibrillation …”
TAGS: cardiovascular health, heart failure, Canadian Cardiovascular Society, University of Alberta

Spotlight: Jeannine Quinn Urges Fellow Patients to Advocate for Their Care
Pancreatic Cancer Canada
“Fortunately for Jeannine, neurosurgery was completed quickly and without complications, though she confirms the ongoing recovery from this cancer battle has proven to be much more difficult than the first.”
TAGS: pancreatic cancer, patient perspective, Pancreatic Cancer Canada

Clinical trial delivers chemotherapy to pediatric brain tumours using MRI-guided focused ultrasound
University of Toronto
“The first pediatric patient recently successfully underwent the procedure as part of a safety and feasibility clinical trial in children with this tumour.”
TAGS: chemotherapy, cancer, pediatric health, Hospital for Sick Children, Sunnybrook Health Sciences

Statement from the Council of Chief Medical Officers of Health (CCMOH) on Alcohol Consumption
“The latest evidence shows a direct link between drinking alcohol and increased risk of at least seven types of cancer.”
TAGS: alcohol consumption, cancer, Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada

Research Application for 2023 are Now OPEN | Deadline April 30, 2023
Canadian Celiac Association
“For the next three years, CCA is particularly interested in research that is geared towards investigating vulnerable populations or under-investigated communities related to celiac disease such as individuals who are impoverished, food at risk, newcomers, racialized and/or indigenous communities; however, applications are not limited to this subject area.”