Daily Media Digest January 25, 2024

New Alzheimer’s drugs mark long-awaited progress as cases are expected to skyrocket
Ottawa Citizen
“For growing numbers of those patients, the answer is yes: a diagnosis that is often devastating for individuals and families. Every year, it is becoming more common.”
KEYWORDS: aging, Alzheimer’s disease, Bruyère Research Institute

Charting a new course in mental health care
University Health Network
“We know there is an interrelationship between cardiac disease and mental health… Research shows that cardiovascular patients with depression and anxiety have higher mortality and morbidity rates and lengthier hospital stays.”
KEYWORDS: cardiovascular health, mental health, substance use, University Health Network

A breakthrough treatment for stroke patients
University of Waterloo
“Using a tiny camera invented by Vena Medical that provides physicians with a real-time, full colour view of inside the brain’s blood vessels, doctors at The Ottawa Hospital were able to …”
KEYWORDS: medtech, stroke, Ottawa Hospital, University of Waterloo

Prematurity may later impact cardiovascular and muscular health
Université de Montréal
“A new study suggests being born very preterm may have a significant – but potentially reversible – impact on an adult’s health …”
KEYWORDS: cardiovascular health, pediatric health, respiratory health, Université de Montréal

Exercise program promoting mental health wins support
University of Windsor
“A UWindsor program that improves students’ mental health through physical exercise will expand thanks to a grant from the Bell Let’s Talk Post-Secondary Fund …”
KEYWORDS: funding, mental health, University of Windsor

How virtual reality can help address the nursing shortage in N.B.
University of New Brunswick (UNB)
“The University of New Brunswick (UNB) is taking a cutting-edge approach to reversing the nursing shortage in the province with its new program, Learn Where You Live (LWYL).”
KEYWORDS: education, nursing, University of New Brunswick