Daily Media Digest January 29, 2024

Scientists propose new, biologically based classification system for Parkinson disease
UHN Research
“An international research team led by Krembil Brain Institute Senior Scientist Dr. Anthony Lang has proposed a new model for classifying Parkinson disease (PD).”
KEYWORDS: brain health, Parkinson’s Disease, University Health Network, University of Toronto

Dr. N. Zoe Hilton announced as Research Chair in forensic mental health science
Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care
“The new Research Chair in Forensic Mental Health is a scientist who has made significant contributions to the fields of domestic violence, risk assessment and …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, Canadian research, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Baycrest and Canuckle launch a uniquely Canadian brain health version of Sudoku in time for National Puzzle Day
“The game increases cognitive engagement while shedding light on other dementia risk factors … Baycrest’s Defy Dementia team has partnered with the creators of Canuckle and Canoku to create a uniquely Canadian, educational …”
KEYWORDS: aging, dementia, Baycrest, Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI)

Preparing for Health Systems Change for Alzheimer’s Disease Care
“More Canadians are living with dementia than ever before, and Alzheimer’s disease, which accounts for a significant proportion of dementia diagnoses, is also on the rise as the population ages …”
KEYWORDS: Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, health care, Bruyère

Digital Wellness: How Social Media Influencers Affect Mental Health
Carleton University
“Carleton University researcher, Samira Farivar, is among the first to shed light on the adverse effects of social media influencing on followers’ mental health. Rooted in attachment theory …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, pediatric health, Carleton University, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO)