Daily Media Digest January 30, 2023

Robotic technology developed at Simon Fraser University can improve health outcomes for patients and carers
The Globe and Mail
“Sensors developed by Woo Soo Kim, a professor at Simon Fraser University’s School of Mechatronic Systems Engineering, can be used to measure body temperature, heart rhythm and electrical activity.”
TAGS: medtech, biomedical data, screening tools, innovative research, Simon Fraser University

Research explores how fungi become drug-resistant
University of Alberta
“Researchers are investigating how disease-causing fungi become resistant to antifungal drugs, in an effort to help prevent the potentially …”
TAGS: antifungal drugs, antimicrobial resistance, University of Alberta

Why We Made Fewer Memories during the Pandemic
The Walrus
“Monotony and anxiety wrought havoc on our brains. Can we bounce back? … Donna Rose Addis, a senior scientist at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute in Toronto, points out that …”
TAGS: mental health, anxiety, pandemic, cognitive performance, Baycrest

Wastewater surveillance expands to Interior and Island Health

BC Centre for Disease Control
“The program is now working to develop ways to test wastewater for other viruses like influenza, as well as bacteria and substances that are important in assessing population health.”
TAGS: COVID-19, wastewater surveillance, BC Centre for Disease Control, Provincial Health Services Authority

Western University study shows vaping education led students to quit
Global News
“A new study from Western University shows that university students who vape wanted to cut back after learning about the threats the habit could …”
TAGS: vaping, respiratory health, Canadian research, Western University

No ‘elevated risk’ of stroke from Pfizer’s bivalent COVID shot, Health Canada says
Global News
“’Currently, in Canada, available data shows that there is no indication of a signal related to ischemic stroke and mRNA bivalent vaccines,’ Health …”
TAGS: ischemic stroke, bivalent vaccine, Health Canada, Pfizer