Daily Media Digest January 30, 2024

New class of biomarker could better predict treatment outcomes for Hodgkin lymphoma
BC Cancer Research
“Researchers with BC Cancer have discovered a way to better predict treatment outcomes in patients with relapsed and refractory, or treatment-resistant, classic Hodgkin lymphoma.”
KEYWORDS: cancer, innovative research, BC Cancer, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)

Multi-year CIHR grant supports McMaster study at the intersection of aging and infectious disease
Brighter World – McMaster University
“McMaster University researchers have received $750,000 from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) for a multi-year study into the …”
KEYWORDS: aging, infectious disease, funding, McMaster University

Study identifies ways to ease the chronic stress experienced by family caregivers
Toronto Metropolitan University
“And yet, our health care systems would fall apart without them. They’re allowing their loved ones to live at home for longer than they would otherwise, helping to take care of their basic needs.”
KEYWORDS: mental health, health care, Toronto Metropolitan University

Results of the 2023 Research Training Awards Competition
Canadian Cancer Society
“CCS’s research strategy centers people at its core and aims to deliver results that will significantly improve the outlook for people affected by cancer in Canada. By making …”
KEYWORDS: award, cancer, funding, Canadian Cancer Society

Reducing cancer risk with new firefighting gear
University of Waterloo
“Recent studies have suggested that firefighters are three times more likely to die of cancer than the general population. This is partly attributed to their gear, which contains …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, Canadian research, University of Waterloo