Daily Media Digest January 7, 2020

A surgery that helps people smile
“As part of the study, Dr. Mojgan Hodaie and her research team studied the diffusion tensor imaging images and medical records of 55 trigeminal neuralgia patients who underwent gamma knife radiosurgery.”
TAGS: trigeminal neuralgia, innovative treatments, medical imaging

SickKids-led review finds parents of chronically ill children experience poorer health outcomes
“A new literature review led by The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) paints a clear picture of physical and mental health outcomes for parental caregivers of chronically ill children.”
TAGS: chronic illness, parental health, children and youth health

Stem Cell Network Launches a New National Research Competition for Canadian Stem Cell Research
HRI Portal
“The Stem Cell Network (SCN) is pleased to launch a national funding competition for three translational research programs and a new program, Innovation Research Program, for early career investigators in the stem cell and regenerative medicine field.”
TAGS: funding competition, early career investigators, stem cell research

Why you should consider ‘exercise snacks’ and just moving more in 2020
CBC British Columbia
“Taking the stairs whenever possible is an easy way to work in some exercise daily. Experts say just 15 minutes of physical activity a day improves sleep, lessens anxiety and boosts energy.”
TAGS: physical activity, wellness, community health

Halifax researcher develops new tool to assess health of frail hospital patients
“As part of his PhD studies into these problems, Searle and his research team created a frailty index – called FI-Laboratory – that aims to improve the […]”
TAGS: frailty, geriatric health, health outcomes

Chairwoman named to improve cancer outcomes for Indigenous Peoples in BC

CFJC Today Kamloops
“Caron has already identified through research that First Nations in the […] “I explained from the medical point of view what I strongly recommended, which […] Caron was the senior author of the first study comparing cancer […] but Caron said there’s a dearth of research on Indigenous health in Canada and […]”
TAGS: cancer, Indigenous health, community health

Virtual reality to improve glaucoma diagnosis
QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation
“Physicians and researchers at the QEII Health Sciences Centre are piloting a new eye-testing device that could improve the detection of glaucoma.”
TAGS: glaucoma, diagnostic tools, innovative technologies

Not enough home care top concern for Ontario patients, study finds
“Not enough home care top concern for Ontario patients, study finds […] International medical journal publishes research led by family physician at St. Michael’s Hospital […] Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott calls the research important […]”
TAGS: home care support, hospital transition, continuing care