Daily Media Digest July 10, 2023

Brain health: Using AI in medical imaging to improve patient outcomes
Toronto Metropolitan University
“Research that began during … April Khademi’s PhD has resulted in a patented tool that can help transform how clinicians diagnose dementia and vascular disease, leading to earlier detection and improved patient outcomes.”
TAGS: dementia, aging, Toronto Metropolitan University

Nova Scotia Health researching cancer risks in hundreds of communities
CBC News
“Researchers from Nova Scotia Health are poring over local cancer data as part of a new study, with the aim of providing evidence the province can use to tailor cancer prevention measures for different communities.”
TAGS: cancer, prevention, Nova Scotia Health

New treatment gives Sunnybrook PTSD patient ‘new lease on life’
“On Feb. 7, 2019, Kelly became the first person in Canada to receive deep brain stimulation (DBS), a type of brain surgery, for PTSD as part of a phase one trial at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre …”
TAGS: mental health, PTSD, clinical trial, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

Health care in Canada is in crisis
The Hill Times
“These and other problems have been around a while. What’s new is that they are worsening fast, continuing to erode Canadians’ confidence in our publicly-funded ‘system’ combined with angst that nothing much seems to be going on to fix them.”
TAGS: health system, health care, Queen’s University, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Why these six foods are key to reducing the risk of heart attacks and strokes: study
CTV News
“A new study led by Canadian researchers analyzing data from several regions across the world has found that not eating enough of six key foods in combination may be linked to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and related death in adults.”
TAGS: cardiovascular health, diet, population health, McMaster University

Research highlights increasing role of senior centres for aging citizens
SFU News
“A new study by SFU researchers finds that while senior centres play a crucial role in promoting aging citizens’ wellbeing they also face challenges in ensuring they are well-positioned to meet the emerging needs of older adults.”
TAGS: aging, senior centres, Simon Fraser University