Daily Media Digest July 11, 2023

Opinion: Canada’s graduate students and post-doc experts need much more support than we give them
Ottawa Citizen
“Nearly every discovery that eventually translates into economic growth or better health begins its journey in the hands of a graduate student or postdoctoral scholar… average about $17,500 annually for master’s positions to about $21,000 for PhD positions.”
TAGS: early-career researchers, research funding, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, Support Our Science, Senator Stan Kutcher

Stepping up to prevent foot amputations
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Ontario has among the highest rates in the world for diabetes-related foot amputations … launching a Socks Off campaign on July 17 which aims to reduce the number of lower Hamilton residents who lose a foot to amputation due to diabetes and/or vascular disease.”
TAGS: diabetes, vascular disease, primary care providers, Hamilton Health Sciences

Indigenous men diagnosed with more advanced prostate cancer, Canadian study says
CTV News
“Indigenous men have more serious and later-stage prostate cancer when they’re diagnosed than non-Indigenous men … “It is very clear from this data that Indigenous men are at higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer …”
TAGS: cancer, Indigenous, diagnosis, University of Alberta

‘Responsibility washing’ is as bad for health innovation as greenwashing is for sustainability. Here’s how to stop it.
The Conversation
“RI aims to reduce the negative impacts of innovations on users and society by transforming how innovations are developed. But the lack of a standard definition of RI … can lead to responsibility washing an innovation, whether intentionally or not.”
TAGS: health innovation, assessment, Université de Montréal

New study shows human poop pills can help treat advanced melanoma
CBC News
“Scientists in Ontario and Quebec have completed a world-first study which shows that micro organisms found in the guts of healthy donors can help treat patients with advanced skin cancer.”
TAGS: melanoma, cancer, Lawson Health Research Institute, Western University

Canada needs a research institute on environment, health, and well-being
The Hill Times
“It is almost 25 years since the Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) was created. CIHR began with—and still has—13 institutes … but there has never been an Institute devoted to environmental health.”
TAGS: environmental health, CIHR, Simon Fraser University, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute