Daily Media Digest July 12, 2021

Innovative surgery provides relief for patients with chronic pancreatitis
UHN Newsroom
“The Ajmera Transplant Centre at UHN is the first in the province – and one of few centres in the world – to offer this procedure, allowing great relief for people suffering with this condition.”
TAGS: surgical innovation, chronic pain, University Health Network

Testing wastewater for COVID-19 an ‘important tool for epidemiology for cities’
“”The wastewater can play an important tool for epidemiology for our cities,” said Gustavo Ybazeta, with the Health Sciences North Research Institute (HSNRI) in Sudbury.”
TAGS: COVID-19, wastewater testing, Health Sciences North Research Institute

Can racism cause schizophrenia?
The Globe and Mail
“If a certain population – a race-specific population – is more likely to be diagnosed with a devastating, life-altering mental illness, that is not just a public health issue, says Dr. McKenzie … It’s a question of human rights and social justice.”
TAGS: racism, mental health, schizophrenia, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Potential treatment for stroke, brain injury studied with help from Saskatoon’s synchrotron
“The University of Saskatchewan’s synchrotron is being used to help researchers from Oxford looking for potential treatment for stroke and brain injury victims. ”
TAGS: stroke, brain injury, treatment, international collaboration, University of Saskatchewan

Delta variant is dominant variant of COVID-19 in many countries including Canada
Kitchener Today
“One expert shares, “if it weren’t for the Delta variant, we’d all be mask-less and back to normal.” said Timothy Sly, Epidemiologist & Professor, School of Public Health.”
TAGS: COVID-19, variants, public health, Ryerson University

Northern Manitoba First Nation aims to help feed community, fight diabetes with expanded vertical farm project
“A “smart” vertical farm that has been running since 2016 in Opaskwayak Cree Nation got a funding boost this week as part of a federal program focused on improving health and well-being.”
TAGS: Indigenous, agriculture, diabetes, food security, artificial intelligence, University of Manitoba

As we return to the gym, will ‘muscle memory’ kick in?
The Globe and Mail
“Think of it as the summer of “muscle memory,” the keynote topic at a recent conference hosted by York University’s Muscle Health Research Centre.”
TAGS: muscle health, physical activity, York University