Daily Media Digest July 13, 2023

Canadian Transfusion Trials Group received $2.3M for innovative research network
Queen’s University
“…  will be used to support the development of a cohesive and diverse transfusion medicine research community across Canada… will address high-impact research questions in transfusion medicine.”
TAGS: transfusion, Queen’s University, McMaster University, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Tele-robots for care delivery at a distance
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Robot-assisted care may be just around the corner… Dr. Kendall Ho demonstrated the feasibility of using a general purpose robot with human-like capabilities to conduct a heart-related medical examination.”
TAGS: medical examination, augmented reality, robotics, accessibility, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI)

Trainee Series: Application of FASD Screening Tools to Dangerous Offender Judgements
CanFASD Blog
“When unsupported, people with FASD … at increased risk for criminal justice system involvement… this failure to detect FASD may result in poor treatment outcomes, increased risk of reoffending, and overall poorer health.”
TAGS: fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, forensic science, early-career researcher, CanFASD

Predicting complications: Study reveals powerful tool to predict which stem cell transplant patients are at risk
UHN Research News
“By digging deeper into the status of certain cells within the immune system, our findings reveal a new strategy to identify individuals at high risk for complications—opening the door to better, more targeted therapies…”
TAGS: stem cells, cancer, early-career researcher, University Health Network, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

A solo swim across Lake Ontario: Making waves for mental health awareness and suicide prevention
Brant Beacon
“With an ambitious target of raising $50,000, the solo swim is set to benefit the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada’s leading mental health hospital and research institution.”
TAGS: mental health, fundraising, suicide prevention, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)