Daily Media Digest July 14, 2023

Illuminating viral protein offers clues to more effective COVID treatments
SFU Research
“By shining an “incredibly bright light” on a key viral protein, researchers are shedding new light on potential targets for antiviral drugs, including those aimed at treating COVID-19. Simon Fraser University (SFU) molecular biologist Mark Paetzel …”
TAGS: COVID-19, therapeutics, antivirals, Simon Fraser University

Shedding light on Canada’s guidance on alcohol and health
“While the harsh realities of the pandemic on Canadians’ health include increased use of alcohol and other substances, there is hope. That was the message those of us gathered at Waypoint in June heard from Dr. Alex Caudarella when he shared …”
TAGS: alcohol use, national guidelines, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

UHN study shows promise of ex vivo perfusion in pancreas transplantation
UHN Newsroom
“New research by UHN scientists shows a deceased donor pancreas organ can safely be sustained outside the body for up to four hours when put on an ex vivo perfusion system. That’s longer than any ​other study to date.”
TAGS: organ transplant, University Health Network

With autism, the brain adapts to blood vessel problems by changing how it uses energy
OHRI Newsroom
“This problem in the blood vessels forces the brain to change the way it uses energy, which may be causing the behavioural changes seen in autism… This is a paradigm shift in how we think about autism. Understanding why brain blood vessels…”
TAGS: autism, neurology, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Poop, there it is! MCH opens first stool bank for kids in Canada
Hamilton Health Sciences
“And then bad bacteria like C. diff can take over in the colon and cause diarrhea, fever and cramps… That’s what happened to nine-year-old Kayleah … She has a medical condition that can cause seizures and having C. diff only made them worse.”
TAGS: antibiotic drugs, pediatric health, gut health, Hamilton Health Sciences

‘Addy said ‘keep fighting for the kids,’ so we said we will’
“All funds raised will go directly to Dr. David Malkin, who was Addy’s oncologist, for his research. “It’s not going to administration fees, it’s not going into SickKids marketing, it’s not going to any of that,” Dave said. “It’s 100 per cent going to the right guy for cancer research.”
TAGS: cancer, fundraising, pediatric health, SickKids Hospital