Daily Media Digest July 24, 2023

Improving care with research at the Providence Breast Centre
Providence Research
“A multidisciplinary breast health clinic at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital has shaped the way breast health problems are diagnosed, treated and managed in British Columbia …”
TAGS: breast cancer, Canadian research, Providence Research

Researcher investigates link between aging and arrhythmias
University of Calgary
“Postdoctoral scholar Dr. Lockhart Jamieson, PhD, is investigating the link between aging and arrhythmias, with the goal of determining innovative therapies to prevent serious arrhythmias in the elderly.”
TAGS: arrhythmia, cardiac health, aging, University of Calgary

High numbers of youth with rheumatic disease experience mental health problems
IWK Health
“The study, a first in Canada, looked at how many adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) had signs of depression or anxiety.”
TAGS: mental health, arthritis, pediatric health, IWK Health

Quebec work on cancer vaccine: researchers share excitement
CityNews Montreal
“Researchers are sharing their excitement about a joint study to develop a new vaccine against cancers. A team of researchers from UdeM, the Jewish General Hospital, Agany Inc. and Defence Therapeutics are collaborating on the study.”
TAGS: cancer, vaccine, Université de Montréal, Canadian Cancer Society

Opening new doors to mental health
Toronto Metropolitan University Magazine
“It’s a tough time for those facing mental health challenges. But some are determined to break down the stigma …”
TAGS: mental health, COVID-19, Toronto Metropolitan University