Daily Media Digest June 12, 2019

Technology Networks
“A new study finds that inducing seizures before surgery may be a convenient and cost-effective way to determine the brain region where seizures are coming from.”
TAGS: epilepsy, surgery


Cape Breton Post
“The research, led by Dr. William Gardner, senior scientist at the CHEO Research Institute, was published in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry on …”
TAGS: teenagers, self-harm, mental health


The Suburban Newspaper
“… researchers will study human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and screening methods and work to implement their findings at a national level, with the goal of improving the health of Canadians”
TAGS: women’s health, cervical cancer, research funding


UCalgary News
“For the past four years, the TENET Innovation to Commercialization (TENET i2c) program has provided funding and training to University of Calgary …”
TAGS: biotechnology, commercialization


“At a time when many have expressed valid concerns about our health-care … and resuscitation by dedicated trauma teams at the QEII and the IWK.”
TAGS: trauma, health care


“Alberta Health Services is offering a new service that will allow users of device like Google Home and Alexa to receive a daily health tip.”
TAGS: wellness, digital technology


University Affairs
“A while ago, I was describing my lab’s NSERC-funded natural sciences research program to a friend and university administrator. She replied, not …”
TAGS: fundamental research, basic science