Daily Media Digest June 6, 2023

Royal College partners with top clinical researchers to explore solutions to Canada’s physician shortage
Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada
“Although provincial and federal governments have called for plans to accelerate the approval of internationally trained medical graduates (IMGs) to work in hospitals, currently there is no single, efficient, nationally coordinated pathway for approval.”
TAGS: physician shortage, Canadian health care, Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada

Drug prolongs time before brain tumour grows back
Sunnybrook Hospital
“As part of the Phase 3 clinical trial, research participants with low-grade gliomas, taking the drug vorasidenib remained free from tumour …”
TAGS: cancer, neuro-oncology, innovative research, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Depression, living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood may lead to faster aging: study
CTV News
“A study led by researchers at McMaster University has found that feeling depressed, along with living in a disadvantaged neighbourhood, may accelerate aging.”
TAGS: aging, Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, McMaster University

Next-generation cancer-fighting viruses could be fine-tuned with a pill
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“These viruses have shown promise in laboratory and clinical studies, and the next generation could be even better thanks to an innovative synthetic biology approach developed by Dr. John Bell and his team.”
TAGS: cancer, cancer biotherapeutics, viral therapy, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Brainstorming leads to “shoe” for diabetic foot ulcers
HRI Portal
“Most of these ulcers occur because of unnoticed foot trauma, commonly caused by poorly fitting footwear that creates areas of high stress or friction.”
TAGS: diabetes, orthopedics, antimicrobial resistance, Providence Research

UHN partners with Providence Therapeutics to develop new mRNA medicines
University Health Network
“Led by researchers at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ont., the study’s authors say this may occur “even after accounting for individual-level health …”
TAGS: mRNA vaccines, mRNA therapeutics, University Health Network, Providence Therapeutics

Innovating now to protect against pandemics of the future
HRI Portal
“In anticipation of this challenge, in the fall of the first year of the pandemic, Bruyère piloted the CANImmunize Clinic Flow solution across their influenza clinics.”
TAGS: pandemic preparedness, vaccination, antimicrobial resistance, Bruyère Research Institute