Daily Media Digest March 15, 2018

CTV News-17 hours ago
“Although it’s taken for granted here in Canada, the modern stethoscope is unavailable to health care professionals in certain parts of the world because of its prohibitive cost. The standard stethoscope can often cost several hundred dollars, which prevents physicians working in low-income communities or war zones from …”
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The Conversation CA-13 hours ago
“But a coalition of patient groups, some partially funded by drug companies, want Canada’s health minister and Health Canada to stop this reform process. They argue that lowering drug … All of the basic research and development of Procysbi was financed by patient groups, not drug companies. Horizon Pharma has not …”
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The Globe and Mail-2 hours ago
“While Canada has shown tremendous global leadership around mental health, we’re falling behind the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and others on student mental health. From a … According to Pew Research Center, 80 per cent of young adults report texting as their primary form of communication. Sixty-two per …”
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Xinhua-9 hours ago
“UBC alumnus Edwin S.H. Leong, a hotel and commercial property developer in Hong Kong, China, has donated 24 million Canadian dollars (some 18.5 million U.S. dollars) to expand research aimed at helping people live longer and healthier. “My wish is for everybody to live long and die peacefully, and I believe healthy …”
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CBC.ca-16 hours ago
“The centre has conducted the only comprehensive survey done in Canada of the health and socio-economic conditions on reserves. The first volume, being … Jonathan Dewar, executive director of the centre that produced the survey, said this is in keeping with similar research over the last 15 years. “Our studies indicate …”
TAGS: Residential school survivors, Indigenous health


Financial Post-Mar. 14, 2018
“Given claims made in research journals and media today, perhaps one per cent is optimistic. John Ioannidis, one of the world’s foremost experts on the credibility of medical research, agrees: “Much of what biomedical researchers conclude in published studies is misleading, exaggerated, and often flat-out wrong.”.”
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CBC.ca-20 hours ago
“It was an ordinary surgery to remove a tumour — until doctors turned off the lights and the patient’s chest started to glow. A spot over his heart shined purplish pink. Another shimmered in a lung. They were hidden cancers revealed by fluorescent dye, an advance that soon may transform how hundreds of thousands of …”
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CBC.ca-15 hours ago
“Several agencies have been working on the plan for a couple of years, including the city, Alberta Health Services, the provincial government, the Canadian Mental Health Association, Edmonton police and other community … “I think it’s going to be a game-changer,” said LaBoucane, who helped research the plan.”
TAGS: suicide prevention, Edmonton


Globalnews.ca-18 hours ago
““We do have a few people who are living in Canada with the disease for around 25 years, but even that is very, very rare,” said Tammy Moore, CEO of ALS Canada. … She also believes that there needs to be more research into the disease to understand why it progresses so slowly in some people, like Hawking, and so …”
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