Daily Media Digest March 15, 2023

JDRF Canada and Diabetes Canada collaborate to close gaps in mental health support to improve quality of life for Canadians with diabetes
JDRF Canada
“The Mental Health + Diabetes Training Program, developed by JDRF Canada with the support of Diabetes Canada, was designed to help to fill a gap in Canadian health systems.”
TAGS: diabetes, mental health, JDRF Canada, Diabetes Canada

How should patients with acute heart failure be monitored? This tool can help.
“In this stepped-wedge cluster-randomized trial, physicians in emergency departments in 10 Ontario hospitals used a clinical decision tool to calculate the risk of death for patients with acute heart failure.”
TAGS: heart disease, clinical research, emergency medicine, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Canadian doctor Tak Mak wins prestigious award for pioneering work in cancer research
The Globe and Mail
“His discoveries have helped to provide the scientific foundation for the immunotherapy revolution, which has saved and extended so many lives from cancer…”
TAGS: cancer research, innovative research, University Health Network, Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

University of Windsor joins research group on tackling future pandemics
“The University of Windsor is a major partner in hub called the Canadian Hub for Health Intelligence & Innovation in Infectious Diseases (HI3).”
TAGS: pandemic preparedness, biomedical research, infectious diseases, University of Windsor

Waiting Until Age 50 for Mammograms Is Too Late—Especially for Black Women
Best Health
“Aisha Lofters … Women’s Cancers at Toronto’s Women’s College Hospital, said she and her colleagues noticed that they were seeing many Black women with aggressive or advanced cancers in their 30s and 40s.”
TAGS: women’s health, cancer screening, mammogram, Women’s College Hospital