Daily Media Digest March 16, 2020

Targeted Cancer Vaccines: One of Many Made-In-Canada Innovations
Health Insight
At The Ottawa Hospital, advances in personalized treatments, targeted therapies, and immuno-oncology in particular are making major waves in the global cancer community.
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Indigenous-led health care should improve health outcomes for everyone
A new partnership between the University of Manitoba and Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng First Nation is putting traditional Indigenous medicine at the forefront of health care.
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Western teams recruited in effort to combat COVID-19
Western News
Two Western research teams have been named key players in an accelerated national effort to understand and control the spread of COVID-19.
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This coronavirus chart shows what Canada is up against in trying to ‘flatten the curve’
“Flatten the curve” is perfect shorthand to describe the effort being undertaken right now around the world to control the spread of COVID-19.
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How to talk to children and address their coronavirus concerns
CBC News
Youth psychiatrist Dr. Rachel Mitchell, with Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in Toronto, said it’s important to validate fears held by children, to listen to them and to be sure to speak to them at the age-appropriate level.
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Overreacting in response to coronavirus pandemic ‘just as harmful as underreacting’: health expert
CBC News
“Overreacting in an outbreak like this can be just as harmful as underreacting,” Steven Hoffman, a York University professor in global health, law and political science, said in an interview Friday morning.
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