Daily Media Digest March 18, 2020

Montreal researchers propose a treatment for COVID-19

McGill Tribune
““A cell has a lock, and the virus has a key [to enter and infect the cell],” … testing a variety of potential remedies, such as HIV drugs, stem cells, and …”
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Western University med students offer free childcare to healthcare workers

“The idea originated among second and fourth year students at the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry at Western University, said one of its …”
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Your next visit to a doctor may not be face to face. Ontario shifting to virtual-first model in bid to halt spread of COVID-19
The Star
“Family doctors across Ontario are rapidly transitioning to a “virtual-first” care model as a way to halt the spread of COVID-19 in their offices and waiting rooms.”
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U of T child psychiatrists share tips with Globe and Mail on talking to children about COVID-19
“… U of T’s Faculty of Medicine and a child and adolescent psychiatrist at the Centre for Youth Bipolar Disorder at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, …”
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Pharmacy student-led study identifies link between IBD and substance use disorder

UM Today (press release)
“The study’s co-authors are University of Manitoba faculty members/researchers Ruth Ann Marrie, MD, PhD; James M. Bolton, MD; Lesley A. Graff, PhD; …”
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Coronavirus: Staying home can save lives, physician pleads

The Kingston Whig-Standard
“Sebastiani, who is a liver specialist at the McGill University Health Centre, emphasized that she was sharing her personal view, as a physician and a …”
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Retired health care workers answer the call for help amid COVID-19 pandemic

CTV News
“With the burden on medical workers rising amid the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak … COVID-19 has now infected more Canadians than SARS did … The research evidence is clear: having more nurses leads to better health outcomes.”
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Country’s top doc says Canada still needs people to give blood amidst social distancing
“… it was cancelling all public cheek swabbing events for stem cell registrants, … You can also download/use our GiveBlood mobile app available for …”
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