Daily Media Digest March 20, 2019

CTV News
“A new study out of Lawson Health and Research Institute is showing that lifestyle changes during pregnancy can reduce risks usually associated with …”
TAGS: pregnancy, woman’s health, lifestyle changes, risks


Technology Networks
““We’re using metabolic fingerprints – unique patterns in specific molecules found in the blood – to help estimate gestational age,” said senior author Dr. Kumanan Wilson, an internal medicine specialist and senior scientist at The Ottawa Hospital …”
TAGS: gestational age, preterm birth, mathematical model


“Our first guest is Maureen Dobbins, a professor at McMaster University who has spent decades taking clinical information found in the scientific …”
TAGS: health policy, science, communication


““By the time you’ve gone through clinical trials and gotten approval from Health Canada, you’re into year 10 or 12,” explains Bobby Sutherland, Executive Director, Government Relations with Innovative Medicines Canada …”
TAGS: life sciences, economy, Nova Scotia


“… $25 million, spread over 10 years beginning in 2020-21, for the operations of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research.”
TAGS: veterans, military, Health, federal funding, Budget 2019