Daily Media Digest March 21, 2023

Advisory panel report on federal research support system published
“Report details findings and recommendations on strengthening support system for science and research …”
TAGS: Minister of Health, Advisory Panel on the Federal Research Support System, health research and innovation

Detecting Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Early – Researchers Create Non-Invasive Tool That Uses Saliva
Carleton University
“Tackling this combined health and economic challenge is difficult, but researchers at Carleton University’s Department of Electronics believe that early detection of the diseases could be the solution.”
TAGS: neurodegenerative diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Carleton University

Funding for long COVID research – Long COVID Web network
University Health Network 
“The $20-million investment will support the “Long COVID Web”, a national team co-led by Dr. Angela Cheung, a Senior Scientist at the Toronto General Hospital Research Institute (TGHRI).”
TAGS: research funding, Long COVID Web, University Health Network, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute

Gestational diabetes is on the rise and a Canadian study may have found out why
Global News
“The one-step screening method picks up gestational diabetes at lower sugar levels, meaning health-care providers can pick up more “mild forms” of the …”
TAGS: gestational diabetes, screening test, University of Manitoba, University of British Columbia

Why are we not prioritizing women’s health research?
The Toronto Star
“However, minimal research is done on how sex and gender influence health. Perhaps it is no wonder that women experience more severe health outcomes …”
TAGS: women’s health, sex and gender, research funding, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)

Colorectal cancer and E. coli: new insights
UdeM Nouvelles
“UdeM researchers have found that a lot of healthy people have a gut bacteria implicated in colorectal cancer, and that a popular supplement for promoting digestive health may have the opposite effect.”
TAGS: colorectal cancer, digestive health, gut bacteria, Université de Montréal