Daily Media Digest March 22, 2023

Improving patient care in complex times
Canadian Foundation of Innovation
“A new lab is developing instructional methods for training healthcare providers to be nimbler in ever-changing circumstances …”
TAGS: health care education, medtech, University Health Network, Canadian Foundation of Innovation

$2.5M to support kids’ brain health research innovations
HRI Portal
“Canadian scientists are at the forefront of next-generation neurodevelopmental disability research, enhanced through technology and centered around children, families and community collaboration.”
TAGS: neurodevelopmental disabilities, Strategic Investment Fund (SIF), Kids Brain Health Network (KBHN)

Honing in on precision treatments for endometriosis
Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute
“Researchers uncover novel variation in endometriosis genetic mutations and types that could be used to develop a new classification system.”
TAGS: endometriosis, Canadian health research, precision medicine, Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute

Does AI really know best? Exploring the role of artificial intelligence in clinical care
“Hear from two SickKids researchers who are leading the discussion around ethical and care implications of using artificial intelligence in medical decision making …”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, ethical AI model integration, innovative research, SickKids

Health Canada approved treatment of adult and pediatric patients 12 years and older with chronic graft-versus-host disease (GVHD)…
Sanofi Canada
“In Chronic GVHD, transplanted immune cells (graft) attack the patient’s cells (host), leading to inflammation and fibrosis in multiple tissues, including skin, mouth, eye, joint, liver, lung, esophagus and gastrointestinal tract.”
TAGS:  graft-versus-host disease, stem cell transplantation, Sanofi Canada, Health Canada