Daily Media Digest March 24, 2020

Coronavirus: Former health minister Jane Philpott assists at COVID-19 testing centre
“After spending years in federal politics, former health minister Jane Philpott has returned to her physician roots, once again donning her white coat …”
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Seniors with frailty will be hardest hit by COVID-19
HRI Portal
“As the Prime Minister addressed the nation, from his quarantined residence in Ottawa, he echoed what public health officials have been saying: Listen to your health care providers, practise social distancing and get prepared.”
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Montreal Heart Institute launches clinical study into potential COVID-19 treatment

“A Quebec medical research team has begun recruiting 6,000 Quebecers over the age of 40 who test positive for the novel coronavirus to study …”
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Nova Scotia can now complete COVID-19 testing at QEII

“Nova Scotia can now complete COVID-19 testing at the QEII Health … to testing centres established by the Nova Scotia Health Authority if deemed …”
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Canadian researchers look to previous outbreaks in search of COVID-19 treatment

The Loop (blog)
“Researchers at Western University are also contributing to this worldwide body of vaccine research. Researcher Stephen Barr says his team is …”
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Can you put a price on what it takes to get Canadians more physically active?

The Globe and Mail
“The result, according to researchers at the University of Western Ontario and the University of British Columbia: more than 100,000 Canadians crossed …”
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