Daily Media Digest March 30, 2023

Budget 2023 Ignores Research Essential to Success of Government’s Made-in-Canada Plan
Research Canada
“In a budget which touts the successes of Canada’s economy and health care system in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is very disappointing that Canadian health research is left out entirely …”
TAGS: Budget 2023, health research funding, Research Canada

2023 Canada Gairdner Award Winners Announced
Gairdner Foundation
“The Gairdner Foundation is pleased to announce the 2023 Canada Gairdner Award laureates, recognizing some of the world’s most significant biomedical and global health research and discoveries.”
TAGS: innovative health research, Gairdner Award laureates, Gairdner Foundation

Routine preoperative medical consultations don’t improve surgery outcomes
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“We’re not saying that preoperative medical consultations should be abolished. But based on the way they’re run now, we’re not convinced they always make a difference. More research is needed to find which patients benefit most from these consultations.”
TAGS: surgery, preoperative medical consultation, ICES, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Research and innovation can ensure AI ushers in the inclusive healthcare of tomorrow
HRI Portal
“York University is creating positive change in health research through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach, examining how AI can meet health care demands and improve outcomes.”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, Canadian research, York University

Federal budget falls short for Canadians suffering with celiac disease and their rising gluten-free grocery bills
HRI Portal
“Gluten-free packaged food products are on average from 150% to 500% higher than their regular gluten-containing equivalents. For an average home, the cost of a gluten-free diet is on average $1,000 per adult more than a household that does not need to be gluten free…”
TAGS: celiac disease, autoimmune diseases, Celiac Canada

Novel machine-learning algorithm creates atlas of cancer with potential as universal diagnostic platform
“A new platform developed at SickKids classifies every known major childhood cancer, allowing physicians and researchers to identify specific cancer types faster and more accurately.”
TAGS: cancer, pediatric health, diagnostic tools, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)