Daily Media Digest March 5, 2018

“It examined the psychological traits in a group of rural Italians aged 90 to 101, and their children or other family members. “This Cilento region is known for having many of the ‘oldest old,’ as they’re called,” Sharon Basaraba, a Canadian healthy aging expert, told North by Northwest host Sheryl MacKay.”
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The Province
““Individuals who should have access may be denied, while others may be given access who should not,” say authors Jocelyn Downie of Dalhousie University and Jennifer Chandler of the University of Ottawa. “This uncertainty may also result in a chilling effect on medical and nurse practitioners’ …”
TAGS: assisted death, needs clarity


“The review panel included 43 health care practitioners with broad experience who are part of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research’s Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse (CRISM). The guideline group also involved people with opioid use disorder experience, and considered patient …”
TAGS: opioid crisis, strategies for treatment, Canadian Guidlines


“The McGill University Health Centre has changed its admitting policies following an internal investigation into why an Indigenous woman whose health insurance card had been stolen left the hospital after being informed she’d have to pay to see a doctor. Kimberly Gloade, 44, walked out of the …”
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“DNA sequencing, or genomics, has been an important discussion in genetics and health care for the past few decades. Sequencing the human genome first came into the limelight in the early 1990s with the Human Genome Project (HGP). The HGP cost an astonishing $2.7 billion — today, sequencing …”
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The Kingston Whig-Standard
““[The Make-a-thon] is a time for creative innovators to come together to learn about 3D printing devices,” Payne said. Payne and her fellow co-president, Amanda Manget, recently ratified Kingston Medical Makers as a club through Queen’s University. However, they want the public to know that the club …”
TAGS: medical device, healthcare, rural areas


UCalgary News-Mar. 2, 2018
“Changing the patient-physician dynamic, empowering Indigenous communities, weaning arthritis patients off drugs, and filling the gaps in municipal water fluoridation knowledge: These are just some of the society-defining health initiatives researchers with the University of Calgary’s O’Brien Institute for …”
TAGS: ICU delirium, bacteria, Indigenous health


Troy Media-20 hours ago
“Scientists need to become better at recognizing the value of their research. We need to create the inventions and spinoff companies that improve health care and create jobs. In BME, we recruit students under that false premise that there is an abundance of BME jobs in Canada when, in reality, students have to move to the …”
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“But Vancouver Coastal Health and Providence Health Care say they have developed a system to ensure varied and palatable food options. One patient at Richmond Hospital told Global News that prior to her stay, she had often heard that hospital food was “inedible,” but that she has been “pleasantly …”
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“A team of Western University researchers has developed a prototype of a new tremor suppression glove that may provide independent living to those with Parkinson’s Disease. Worldwide, it’s estimated that up to 10 million people have Parkinson’s, which can produce tremors that make daily activities …”
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Stem Cell Network
“March 2018. Dear Friends: As you know the Stem Cell Network has been planning and working with the government to chart a future direction for stem cell research in Canada. On February 27, the federal Finance Minister, Bill Morneau, tabled his third budget in Parliament. The budget included … “
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