Daily Media Digest May 1, 2020

Cancer researchers hoping ‘Trojan Horse’ virus key to COVID-19 vaccine

“Team from Ottawa Hospital Research Institute using $250K grant from Shopify founder…”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, innovative treatment

Coronavirus: Toronto hospital creates alternative to N95 using snorkel masks
“Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre staff say an alternative to the N95 mask has been developed by using a modified full-face snorkel mask for …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, personal protective equipment

Genome Canada launches $40-million COVID-19 gene sequencing network
Re$earch Money
“Genome Canada has launched a $40-million national network to help public health authorities understand how the virus that causes COVID-19 works, how it evolves and why people experience such different health outcomes.”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, gene sequencing

Contactless COVID-19 clinical study starts in Ontario
The Review Newspaper
“The Montreal Heart Institute (MHI) Research Center has extended its … Dept of Family and Community Medicine, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, clinical study

Canada’s first disinfection robot being tested
CTV News
“The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre said in a press release that the use of an automated system to kill harmful bacteria in …”
TAGS: COVID-19, public health, disinfection

Anxiety and depression have spiked among Canadians: survey
CTV News
“The report’s initial findings, announced Thursday by Mental Health Research Canada, asked 1,803 people about the state of their mental health and …”
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