Daily Media Digest May 15, 2023

Investigating the Link Between Diabetes and Heart Disease
Health Insight
“His research is focused on better understanding the relationship between type 2 diabetes and poor heart function, with the goal of discovering how to slow or prevent this complication.”
TAGS: diabetes, cardiovascular health, Diabetes Canada, University of Alberta

Youth voices should inform new future for the use of AI in medicine
“A research team heard from 28 young people about their views on integrating artificial intelligence into patient care …”
TAGS: artificial intelligence (AI), pediatric health, Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)

Burnout among educators and health-care workers in Canada
Mental Health Research Canada
“One in three working-age Canadians experience burnout, which can result in physical and mental health issues and decreased job performance.”
TAGS: mental health, health care workers, stress management, Mental Health Research Canada

Research on genetic heart condition could save young lives
Hamilton Health Sciences
“Dr. Jason Roberts has found a drug that has the potential to prevent the onset of arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy (ARVC) – a genetic heart condition that causes sudden death in young adults.”
TAGS: cardiovascular health, Canadian research, Hamilton Health Sciences, McMaster University

Hormone therapy should be offered to more women with severe menopause: review
CTV News
“… said Dr. Iliana Lega, an endocrinologist at Women’s College Hospital in Toronto and the paper’s lead author.”
TAGS: menopause, hormone therapy, breast cancer, Women’s College Hospital

No end in sight to kids’ mental health crisis, Calgary doctors warn
“We continue to see incredibly high numbers of incredibly complex young people in desperate need of help …”
TAGS: mental health, pediatric health, emergency care, University of Calgary