Daily Media Digest May 19, 2023

Project looks to improve access to cancer care, outcomes in Métis citizens living in rural, remote areas
Penticton Herald
“The Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) has announced funding for more than 20 projects … including one that will see the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF) look to improve access to cancer care and improve cancer outcomes for Métis citizens living in rural and remote areas.”
TAGS: cancer, Indigenous, Métis, rural and remote, equity, accessibility, Canadian Cancer Society, University of Manitoba

Patient survives more than 5 years longer than median life span of 6 months after experimental brain tumour treatment
CTV News
“Canadian scientists say they’ve tested a unique one-two punch to treat patients with a deadly form of brain cancer, finding that in a small subset of patients, it stopped their tumour from growing or eliminated it.”
TAGS: cancer, treatment, University Health Network

Pandemic preparation: researchers explore new antivirals and reproductive health
Queen’s University
“From developing new antivirals to assessing the impact of vaccination on reproductive health, Queen’s Health Sciences’ faculty and students are helping us prepare for the next potential pandemic.”
TAGS: pandemic preparedness, antivirals, reproductive health, Queen’s University

Gilead Sciences and Arcus Biosciences expand partnership to include research programs in inflammation
“Gilead Sciences, Inc. and Arcus Biosciences, Inc. today announced that the companies have expanded the previously announced research collaboration focused on oncology to include therapies for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.”
TAGS: oncology, inflammatory disease, industry, collaboration, Gilead Sciences

Western research sheds light on symptoms of understudied spine disease
Western News
“After hearing first-hand from patients about how the disease impacted their lives, a team of researchers … were inspired to investigate the symptoms associated with an understudied spine disease called diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis (DISH).”
TAGS: arthritis, pain, Western University, Arthritis Society

The comfort of home: Home Dialysis Program empowers patients to live more independent lives
The Ottawa Hospital
“For people living with kidney failure, regular dialysis treatment is a reality. The most ideal form of dialysis treatment is done in the home … provides more flexibility in patients’ schedules, putting more time back in their days to do the things they love.”
TAGS: kidney failure, dialysis, patient care, Ottawa Hospital