Daily Media Digest May 22, 2019

“After conducting the largest clinical trial of its kind, the Lawson Health Research Institute has found performing a lateral extra-articular tenodesis (LET) …”
TAGS: ACL reconstruction, injury, surgery, treatment


Toronto Star
“Ontario researchers say they’ve come up with a simple way to store vaccines at higher temperatures for weeks at a time, potentially solving a major …”
TAGS: vaccines, storage


National Observer
“A University of Calgary researcher says he’s hopeful a deal worth up to $1 billion between his drug company and a U.S. biotechnology firm could one …”
TAGS: autoimmune disease, treatment, drug, biotechnology


Sundre Roundup
“A method to treat depression that involves using magnetic waves to stimulate specifically targeted parts of the brain has shown promise for patients that do not respond to different forms of medication.”
TAGS: depression, treatment, health


YouAreUNLTD (blog)
“… we get older,” says Dr. Daniel Blumberger, head of the Late-Life Mood Disorder Clinic at Toronto’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH).”
TAGS: depression, older adults


Canada NewsWire (press release)
“”Endometriosis is a misunderstood and often mismanaged disease. It has been estimated that on average, it takes 9-10 years for a woman to receive a diagnosis of endometriosis.”
TAGS: endometriosis, women’s health, treatment


Canada NewsWire (press release)
“… innovation initiatives at the intersection of data and Canada’s health and biosciences sector—to invest in better health outcomes …”
TAGS: innovation, biosciences, health


“Health Canada’s Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB) program provides First Nations and Inuit women with coverage for health services not available …”
TAGS: Indigenous, midwives, pregnancy care