Daily Media Digest May 24, 2022

U of R policy researcher receives national stem cell funding for team project | Regina Leader Post
Regina Leader Post
“University of Regina associate professor Amy Zarzeczny is peering ahead three years with a bright outlook, after being named one of several …”
TAGS: regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, Stem Cell Network, University of Regina

Approaching 90 years old with thanks to a lung cancer clinical trial
Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS)
“It’s a common misconception that there aren’t many treatment options for someone with advanced stages of lung cancer,” says Dr. Rosalyn Juergens, Campbell’s oncologist at HHS who specializes in lung cancer. “That was the case in the 1980s, but definitely not now. I have many patients that respond well to immunotherapy and end up returning to their lives cancer free for multiple years.”
TAGS: lung cancer, immunotherapy, clinical trial, Hamilton Health Sciences

The best medicine? Humour can be a double-edged part of grieving
University of Alberta
“Wilson, a nursing professor at the University of Alberta, recently published qualitative study findings that show humour can trigger moments of intense grief for people who have recently lost a loved one, but humour can also be helpful in the recovery process.”
TAGS: mental health, nursing, University of Alberta

Pfizer says 3 COVID-19 shots protect children under 5 | CBC News
“Health Canada has not yet approved mRNA COVID-19 vaccines for children under five. Pfizer told CBC News Monday morning that they are in discussions …”
TAGS: pediatric health, COVID-19 vaccine, Health Canada, Pfizer Canada

Development Of A Management System For Animal-Assisted Human Services (Aahs)
“AAHS, also commonly referred to as Animal-Assisted Services (AAS) has evolved into a rapidly growing competitive marketplace whereby anyone can hang a shingle on their door to work or volunteer within this promising yet unregulated industry sector.”
TAGS: Public Consultation, Animal-Assisted Services, government regulations, Canadian Foundation for Animal-Assisted Support Services

Canadian study finds links between air pollution and severity of COVID-19 infection – Toronto Star
Toronto Star
“An extensive study of thousands of COVID-19 patients in Ontario hospitals … of the study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.”
TAGS: COVID-19, environmental health, Ontario hospitals