Daily Media Digest May 26, 2022

Liberal MP Hanley calls for supporting NDP MP Johns’ C-216, say it should be considered to address toxic drug crisis
The Hill Times
“An urgent national conversation about the toxic drug crisis means that we are doing everything we can to save Canadians’ lives.”
TAGS: legislation, drug crisis, opioids, pandemic

How AI-equipped technology could help clinicians better diagnose mental health issues | CBC Radio

“Could AI-equipped technology like phone apps help diagnose mental health issues like depression? Some experts think so — but they say patient privacy should be at the forefront of development.”
TAGS: artificial intelligence, mental health, neuroscience, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

New Critical Care Paramedic Program helping to advance profession in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Health Authority
“The highly anticipated pilot program, offered by the Nova Scotia Health Learning Institute for Health Care Providers, officially kicked off in September. The course, which has been two years in the making…”
TAGS: EMS, critical care, paramedics, Nova Scotia Health

Hybrid work environments: Friend or foe?

University of Calgary
“‘Nobody cared about this until the pandemic…now everyone does,’ says University of Calgary researcher and psychology professor Dr. Thomas…”
TAGS: innovative healthcare, pandemic, mental health, University of Calgary

New study shows associations between air pollution and respiratory health in Canada

McGill University Health Centre
“RI-MUHC researchers demonstrate that exposure to relatively low levels of air pollution in Canada is associated with lower lung function and COPD.”
TAGS: respiratory health, environmental health, RI-MUHC

Report says Indigenous people experience racism in Ottawa’s healthcare system on regular basis
“A report from the Ottawa Aboriginal Coalition and Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health says racism in healthcare in Ottawa happens on a regular…”
TAGS: Indigenous health, racism, healthcare