Daily Media Digest May 26, 2023

Mimicking brain plasticity in children to control post-traumatic stress
Canadian Association for Neuroscience
“The CHU Sainte-Justine team, led by Graziella Di Cristo, has made an important breakthrough in the treatment of people suffering from symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress.”
TAGS: post-traumatic stress disorder, brain health, Canadian Association for Neuroscience, Université de Montréal

Mental health, substance abuse grant will study area youth
“Research shows that compared to other provinces, adolescents residing in Ontario report higher rates of illicit drug use …”
TAGS: addiction and substance use, mental health, pediatric health, Mental Health Research Canada

Western researchers land nearly $2.8M in funding to boost brain health research
“Neuroscience researchers at Western University were awarded nearly $2.8 million for two research projects working to advance brain research in …”
TAGS: brain research, Canada Brain Research Fund, Western University, Brain Canada

Unmasking Cardiometabolic Disease: Spotlight on Banting Discovery Awardee Dr. Kimberly Dunham-Snary
Banting Research Foundation
“Dr. Dunham-Snary’s research is centered on a novel concept in the field of cardiometabolic diseases—mitochondrial-metabolomic fingerprinting.”
TAGS: cardiometabolic diseases, innovative research, Banting Research Foundation, Queen’s University

New, free video game to boost mental health in kids, teens based on TMU program
TorontoMet Today
“But perhaps the most unique adaptation of her research is a new video game called Thrivelandia that teaches kids and teens how to thrive.”
TAGS: mental health, pediatric health, Toronto Metropolitan University

$1.25 million for early childhood mental health care across Canada to improve outcomes for vulnerable children
HRI Portal
“Canadian Institutes of Health Research provides a necessary boost to promote mental health from a young age towards an initiative with foundational support from Kids Brain Health Network…”
TAGS: mental health, pediatric health, Kids Brain Health Network, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

Psychology professor wins recognition for public service
University of Windsor – Daily News
“The Canadian Psychological Association has conferred its Award for Public, Community Service and Human Rights and Social Justice in Psychology on UWindsor professor Ben Kuo.”
TAGS: psychology, equitable health care, award, University of Windsor