Daily Media Digest May 27, 2019

“Dr. Allan Kaplan, a senior clinician and scientist at the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), co-authored the largest community survey for …”
TAGS: binge eating, eating disorders, mental health


The Globe and Mail
“And now a growing body of research suggests that what’s happening in the gut may also have an impact on the brain.”
TAGS: mental health, gut health, probiotics


National Post
“The authors called for a “modernized” program involving collaboration among health-care organizations, researchers and clinicians, including family …”
TAGS: drug safety, pregnancy, women’s health


“Bioethics researchers say pregnant women and mothers with substance involvement face stigmas in the health care system that can prevent them from seeking care.”
TAGS: substance use, pregnancy, women’s health, stigma


“Canada’s 17 medical schools are teaming up with the Indigenous Health … Anderson said there has been an increase in the number of Indigenous …”
TAGS: Indigenous, students, medical school


CTV News
“Bringing health care solutions to remote, third world communities is all part of a unique first-of-its-kind research project that involved one local …”
TAGS: remote communities, health care, access, technology


“A stem cell research institute being cut by the provincial government is affiliated with at least 11 McMaster University scientists. McMaster is also one of …”
TAGS: stem cell research, Ontario