Daily Media Digest May 7, 2018

Hill Times
“However, despite the widespread celebration, both Universities Canada and HealthCareCAN say there is still more work to do to implement the recommendations of Canada’s fundamental science review, dubbed the Naylor Report after report chair and former University of Toronto president David …”
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“Meet Pepper – Canada’s first emotionally sensitive robot for sick kids. By Aalia Adam Global News. WATCH: Pepper is a jack of all trades — it can talk, dance, play games and be a source of emotional support for sick children.”
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“The lack of public facilities can keep some people home if they’re elderly, pregnant, or suffering from gastrointestinal diseases, according to a spokesperson for Crohn’s and Colitis Canada. “Unfortunately, a lot of people when they go into a small business are often turned away because owners have …”
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Toronto Star
“Recent reports show waits in hospital emergency departments regulated by the Fraser Health Authority (FHA), including Delta Hospital, Surrey Memorial and Eagle Ridge, are far longer than the waits at hospitals under the nearby Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) authority — and FHA is failing to meet …”
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Business Insider
“Drugs based on the effects of shrooms and ketamine are being tested for their potential to treat mental illnesses like depression and anxiety. Some are being studied in the types of clinical trials that could eventually make them candidates for federal approval, while others could get a green light as soon … “
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Voice of America
“Scott Chapman of Dalhousie University in Canada is one of the authors of the report. Chapman, Hayward, Tim Miller of Yale University and others observed the protocluster using the South Pole Telescope in Antarctica. Chapman said how the group of galaxies got so big so fast “is a bit of a mystery.”.”
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Hill Times
“Coming off a so-called “science budget” that infused $4-billion into Canada’s science and research community and $2.8-billion to renew federal science labs, you could say it’s been a pretty good start to 2018 for Science Minister Kirsty Duncan. Federal departments will have a model policy on science … “
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The Globe and Mail
“Gordon Osinski, a planetary scientist at University of Western Ontario in London, Ont., who led a study of the radar concept for the Canadian Space Agency, said that the best chance for such an instrument ever flying may now hinge on finding another country or even a private company looking to launch …”
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The Globe and Mail
““It’s reducing access to medical devices in Canada … some of which are very unique and innovative,” says Ted Reesor, director of marketing at Oakville, Ont.-based BLS Systems Ltd., which makes oxygen-therapy masks and other first-aid and critical-care devices. “MDSAP is going to crush Canadian … “
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A study finds
“Edmonton Journal Canadian women who once had a cesarean section are unlikely to suffer harm if they choose a vaginal birth for their next child, although women who opt for another C-section still face lower risks to themselves and their baby. That’s the finding of a new University of Alberta-led study, which examined …”
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“A new neuromuscular centre at the Ottawa Hospital’s Civic campus is being called a “game changer” for scientists, doctors and patients alike. Funded by donors, the centre opened on April 30 and serves as a hub for clinicians and scientists — about 200 of them — to work together to conduct clinical …”
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“The Neuro Race was held today in the city’s west end to support the neuroscience department at Kingston General Hospital. Jillian Asselstine was one of the participants at the 2nd annual Neuro Race. She ran to support her longtime friend Kyla Tozer. About 10 years ago, Tozer was diagnosed with a …”
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Canadian Homesteading
“Moreover, the analysts noticed that members with this malady were for the most part under 8 years of age and that many of them were resisting insulin, which could prompt the improvement of type 2 diabetes. On the off chance that the weight issue perseveres, youngsters may develop cardiovascular …”
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