Daily Media Digest November 1, 2023

Two UHN-led research projects receive federal integrated care funding
University Health Network
“A pair of UHN-led projects – one to better understand the value and impact of integrated care for older adults; the other to evaluate …”
KEYWORDS: funding, health care, University Health Network, University of Toronto, Sunnybrook Research Institute

Q and A with the Experts: Everything you need to know about the 2022-2023 flu vaccine
University of Waterloo
“Influenza, also commonly known as the flu, is an infection caused by a virus. Symptoms affect each person differently, ranging from mild to severe and include a high fever to aching muscles and a sore throat.”
KEYWORDS: flu vaccine, virus, pediatric health, University of Waterloo

Face time a big part of positive patient experiences
Alberta Health Services
“Combined, these units care for more than 75 patients… WMTY is a worldwide campaign that Alberta Health Services (AHS) has adopted that encourages …”
KEYWORDS: patient perspective, Alberta Health Services

York U health researcher tackles TB stigma through partnership in India
York U News
“As a leading international teaching and research university, a key focus at York is global health research, particularly on pressing issues facing …”
KEYWORDS: infectious diseases, innovative research, tuberculosis, York University

Building resilient, sustainable healthcare systems in Canada
HRI Portal
“Our healthcare systems are on the brink of collapse across Canada, harming healthcare workers and significantly impeding patient care. To create meaningful change, academics …”
KEYWORDS: health care, Canadian research, AstraZeneca Canada

The Human Trial: Canada’s Moment | November 7, 2023
Novo Nordisk Canada
“In conjunction with Diabetes Awareness Month, André Picard, health reporter and columnist for The Globe and Mail, will moderate an exclusive screening and panel discussion on November 7th at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, highlighting the potential of curative cell therapy research in Canada. The evening will be hosted by nationally respected broadcaster and writer Catherine Clark and will feature key innovators showcasing extraordinary breakthroughs being made in labs across the nation.”