Daily Media Digest November 15, 2022

New study examines prostate cancer incidence among immigrant men in Ontario
Women’s College Hospital
“Dr. Lofters and Kenneth Noel, President of The Walnut Foundation, prostate cancer survivor and certified peer navigator – spoke about this research and why it’s important to raise awareness about the higher incidence for these men.”
TAGS: prostate cancer, men’s health, Women’s College Hospital

Researchers work to develop post-surgical pediatric pain risk communication tool
BC Children’s Hospital
“Researchers at BC Children’s Hospital are developing a tool to help accurately predict and communicate an individual child’s risk of experiencing a higher level of post-surgical pain.”
TAGS: pediatric health, post-surgical pain, pain management, BC Children’s Hospital Research Institute

SCN shines a spotlight on funded researchers in the Network continuing to work avidly in the fight against diabetes
Stem Cell Network
“His team is working to make new beta cells from a patients’ own blood cells resulting in the acceptance of these new cells by the patients’ immune system and eliminating the need for organ donors and anti-rejection drugs.”
TAGS: diabetes, innovative research, insulin injection, Stem Cell Network

Helping young adults achieve type 2 diabetes remission
McGill University Health Centre
“The randomized clinical trial aims to help people 18 to 45 years old with … hosts and facilitates pediatric and adult clinical research studies, …”
TAGS: clinical trial, diabetes, Canadian research, Research institute of the McGill University Health Centre

Shortening the regulatory timeline will benefit patients and the economy
The Globe and Mail
“President of Innovative Medicines Canada. “If a company is going to conduct clinical trials in Canada, it wants to know that once the trial has …”
TAGS: new medicines, clinical trial, PMPRB, Innovative Medicines Canada

Bruyère to study new preventive oral health treatment for Canadian seniors
HRI Portal
“The clinical trial will document current oral health status, identify unmet needs for oral health care in seniors, and evaluate if a new preventive treatment called Prevora, can meet these needs.”
TAGS: oral health, clinical trial, senior healthcare, Bruyère Research Institute