Daily Media Digest November 2, 2023

Researchers identify amino acid that may play a key role for predicting and treating long COVID
University of Alberta
“University of Alberta researchers have identified an amino acid that may play a key role in predicting poor clinical outcomes and the treatment of long COVID.”
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, Canadian research, University of Alberta, Women and Children’s Health Research Institute

Pressure injury education offering potentially life-saving approach to skin health
University Health Network
“Due to his paralysis, Jay couldn’t feel the pain of his growing PIs which had been undiagnosed for weeks before he arrived at Lyndhurst Centre, where …”
KEYWORDS: dermatology, education, University Health Network

Capturing immunotherapy response in a blood drop
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“The data from this trial have informed the design of a second trial, currently ongoing, using liquid biopsy to tailor therapy …”
KEYWORDS: cancer, clinical trial, Ottawa Hospital, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

MHRC announces new partnership with Hotıì ts’eeda in the Northwest Territories and winner of the newly created Hotıì ts’eeda – MHRC Įnı̀ Gomǫǫ̀ Whehdı̀ı Studentship
Mental Health Research Canada
“The HOTIÌ TS’EEDA – MHRC ĮNÌ GOMǪÒ WHEHDIÌ STUDENTSHIP provides funding of $15,000 to go towards conducting a research project related to mental health in the Northwest Territories.”
KEYWORDS: mental health, Indigenous health, Mental Health Research Canada

November spotlight on men’s mental health
Royal Mental Health Centre
“Although it’s important to have conversations about men’s mental health all year round, with the advent of shorter days and colder weather …”
KEYWORDS: mental health, men’s health, Royal Mental Health Centre

First-Ever International Classification of Four Stages of Heart Attack Based on Heart Muscle Damage (CCS-AMI) Released
HRI Portal
“… It will also open new avenues of research for more precise and individualized therapies to address the underlying damage at each heart attack stage.”
KEYWORDS: cardiovascular health, heart attack, Canadian Cardiovascular Society