Daily Media Digest November 21, 2022

Baycrest’s Canada Research Chair in Interventional Cognitive Neuroscience is advancing critical treatments for brain health
“A senior scientist at Baycrest’s Rotman Research Institute (RRI), Dr. Meltzer is a trailblazer in the use of individualized brain stimulation to treat symptoms of brain disorders such as dementia and stroke.”
TAGS: brain stimulation treatments, neurological disorders, Baycrest

Western University is building Canada’s secret weapon against the next pandemic
“Western University in London, Ont., is building a state-of-the-art laboratory where researchers will pre-emptively create new vaccines, …”
TAGS: vaccines, research lab, pandemic, Western University

Pediatric transplant patients benefit from texting with their care teams
BC Renal
“In the search for alternative ways to connect with their pediatric transplant patients, clinicians at BC Children’s Hospital piloted a novel project whereby they completed weekly check-ins with their patients via text.”
TAGS: pediatric transplant patients, BC Children’s Hospital, BC Renal, Provincial Health Services Authority

Canada Research Chair announcement highlights neurodegenerative dementia research program
UManitoba News
“Canadian research helps improve our society, economy and healthcare, time and time again. That’s why our government remains committed to supporting the country’s world-class research community …”
TAGS: neurodegenerative dementia, University of Manitoba, Canada Research Support Fund

Fighting the next health crisis
The Hill Times
“The best way for Canada to contribute to the development of new antibiotics is for the government to play a major role in aligning firms and universities, and to fund research.”
TAGS: antimicrobial resistance, drug discovery, funding, Structural Genomics Consortium