Daily Media Digest November 22, 2019

Marijuana ‘makes no difference’ in opioid withdrawal, McMaster study finds
“The study, published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal on Tuesday, was done by a research team that analyzed other studies on the […]”
TAGS: marijuana, opioid crisis, withdrawal

Infants more vulnerable to measles than previously thought: study
CTV News
“In fact, Toronto researchers from the Hospital for Sick Children and Public Health Ontario say the vast majority of 196 infants they studied were susceptible by three months of age.”
TAGS: measles, vulnerability, immunity, infant health

“I thought I was going to die:” Dundas man survives rare heart condition caused by Lyme disease

“”This was the first case we’ve seen in many years,” said Dr. Jeff Healey, a cardiologist with Hamilton Health Sciences who treated Baum. Healey said […]”
TAGS: Lyme disease, ticks-bore virus, heart disease

New cancer treatment drug discovered by U of A researchers
CTV News
“Researchers at the University of Alberta say they have discovered a new class of drugs that could help in the fight against cancer.”
TAGS: cancer treatment, cancer research, innovative drug therapies

Gauging wildfire fighters’ health

North Shore News
“The University of Northern British Columbia and the University of Alberta are conducting studies to learn more about how firefighting activities affect […]”
TAGS: lung health, mental health, skin hygiene

UVic enters research partnership to find better treatment for skin disorders

CTV News
“Researchers now have access to unique tests to screen small-molecule compounds in the battle to find better treatment for skin diseases like eczema […]”
TAGS: skin disorders, eczema, innovative research

Therapy dogs working to create community at Carleton
The Charlatan
“When young people go off to university they often have to leave their beloved pets behind. That also means leaving behind what may be a calming […]”
TAGS: therapy dogs, animal assisted intervention, mental health