Daily Media Digest November 25, 2022

Developing AI-based therapies to fix the nervous system
UdeM Nouvelles
“Researcher and UdeM professor Guillaume Lajoie is working on projects that use AI to optimize direct interaction with the nervous system for targeted clinical interventions.”
TAGS: Parkinson’s disease, stroke recovery, artificial intelligence, Université de Montréal

York tackles urgent global health threat of antimicrobial resistance
York University
“Antimicrobial drugs are increasingly falling short in their ability to tackle infectious bugs due to overuse, and this has only intensified since COVID-19 began.”
TAGS: influenza, respiratory syncytial virus, antimicrobial resistance, York University

Walk-in health care in Sault mainly virtual – Pros and cons to virtual care options
Sault this Week
“Research remains to be done around what kinds of care are best to be delivered in-person and what can and should be delivered virtually.”
TAGS: virtual healthcare, mental health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, Centre for Addiction and Mental Health

IWK researchers first to look at addressing iron deficiency in preterm infants
Your IWK
“A study out of the IWK shows that iron deficiency is common in preterm infants despite early iron supplementation.”
TAGS: pediatric health, neurodevelopmental impairment, Dalhousie University, IWK Health

Waypoint receives Certificate of Merit from Excellence Canada
“Waypoint is pleased to share it is the proud recipient of a Certificate of Merit from Excellence Canada recognizing the hospital’s many years of commitment to workplace mental health and wellness.”
TAGS: mental health, award, Excellence Canada, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care