Daily Media Digest November 9, 2023

New Guideline Released for Skeletal Health and Fracture Prevention
Women’s College Hospital
“The guideline aims to support Canadian primary care providers in ensuring strong bone health and preventing fractures in postmenopausal women and men aged 50 and older.”
KEYWORDS: osteoporosis, preventive health care, Women’s College Hospital

Long-term care COVID restrictions took toll on families’ mental health, reveals study
Western News
“The findings indicate an urgent need to improve and re-conceptualize long-term care, say the authors of the study.”
KEYWORDS: long term care, aging, patient perspective, Western University

Researchers share how real-life situations advance understanding of brain function
York University
“In order to execute this, information is combined from our senses and our cognitive and motor signals … affect the ability to respond to goal-directed, co-ordinated actions.”
KEYWORDS: brain health, innovative research, Queen’s University, York University

XoMotion created by SFU researchers to be world’s most advanced exoskeleton for mobility challenged
Simon Fraser University
“Next-generation exoskeleton technology developed by SFU researchers is poised to offer people living with mobility challenges a new chance at free and independent movement …”
KEYWORDS: mobility, disability, medtech, innovative research, Simon Fraser University

Beyond the spike: novel COVID vaccine candidate targets 7 viral proteins for strong immune response
Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
“The Ottawa Hospital’s Cancer Centre. The team normally focuses on developing viruses to fight cancer, but when the pandemic hit, they …”
KEYWORDS: COVID-19, vaccine, Canadian research, Ottawa Hospital Research Institute

Health Sciences North opens Acute and Reactivation Care Centre
“Health Sciences North (HSN) in Sudbury has opened a new multi-million dollar Acute and Reactivation Care Centre (ARCC), a place designed to help …”
KEYWORDS: aging, health care, Health Sciences North