Daily Media Digest October 10, 2019

Ottawa researchers find diabetes drug has potential to prevent ovarian cancer
“Dr. Barbara Vanderhyden led the laboratory team at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute that discovered the common diabetes medication metformin could help prevent the development of ovarian cancer.”
TAGS: Cancer prevention, ovarian cancer, women’s health

AHS wellness tips added to Amazon Alexa and Google Home, flu clinic finder coming
“Now, Albertans can use the personal voice-activated devices to get a daily wellness tip and the latest health news as well as emergency room wait times.”
TAGS: community health, technology and healthcare,

Workshop series by mental health nurses aims to give UHN staff tools to better help patients
University Health Network
“Now, a mental health nurses education committee is organizing mental health workshops for TeamUHN members to teach skills and curriculum that will help them better care for patients, regardless of their roles.”
TAGS: mental health, addiction education , public health care

Popular antibiotic class linked to heart valve problems
Ubyssey Online
“While antibiotics are a normal part of everyday life for people all over the world, researchers at UBC are raising important questions about the side effects of a popular class of such medicines.”
TAGS: antibiotics, heart disease

Clinical trials: the cornerstone of innovative treatments
HRI Portal
“As a critical step towards bringing new medicines and vaccines safely to market, clinical trials provide Canadians with access to new, potentially life-saving medications and therapies.”
TAGS: health care innovation, clinical trials, pharmaceutical research